Maybe I’m a shy kid out of rural Iowa with a love for murder mysteries and an inability to comprehend social etiquette. Maybe I’m a hippie who was raised by a single mother on a hidden cannabis farm in the basement of an old Victorian house in the North of England. Maybe I’m a Somali pirate scratching stories into a waterproof notebook as I wait for my captain’s orders. Maybe I’m you. Maybe I’m me. Does it even matter?

A Little Bit of Everything

I do have my own reality, of course. My father is an evangelical preacher and my mother his dutiful wife. I was raised in a couple of places, chronologically San Diego, Los Angeles, the Antelope Valley, Los Angeles again, Hawaii, Los Angeles for the last time, and London (though in London I was already an adult. Are we not all constantly in the process of being raised?). As of today I am still growing up, now in Malaysia and soon to be hitting milestones in Thailand.