Travel Journal

A few thoughts and memories from my travels in over 20 countries through all of my 20 years.

Concert Ruminations

Have a read of some thoughts, epiphanies and transcendental experiences had at concerts I’ve been to lately.

Extracurricular Book Reports

Experience the wonders of the world through the eyes of me through the eyes of real authors.

Believe in Adventure

Too many times I’ve heard the same old thing from the same disillusioned people: ‘Life’s not a fairytale.‘ The classic, ‘Be reasonable,’ and, ‘Grow up.’ Not to mention my favorite, ‘You can’t do everything.

The world we live in is beautiful and wild; fish impregnate themselves, female dragonflies play dead to get out of sex and lobsters are theoretically immortal. Now tell me, where do the aforementioned downers get their crazy ideas?

Come along with me on my quest to get through the thick skulls of so-called realists around the globe that refuse to believe that life is for the vigorously living.